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Bridging the Gap between Awareness and Action

Just because you know what to do and why you should do it... does not necessarily mean you will successfully do it!

The Gap between Awareness and Action involves transferring the conscious awareness of trying to do something to the automatic response of the subconscious programs, the source of your habits. If you want to upgrade your automatic habit(s), then just like a computer hard drive, you need to upgrade your subconscious programs.

Attending a workshop, reviewing an online learning session, or even working with a coach may provide you with tools and techniques to manage or overrule your old behaviors or habits. However, focused effort and application of the techniques will be required because you did not affect the subconscious program... only the conscious awareness.

To impact the source of behaviors and habits, you must do something different. You must learn how to access the subconscious in a direct, effective and efficient way.

Welcome to A New Vision for Business!

An interview with Robin Graham, Director of PER-K® and Rob Williams, the Originator of both PER-K® and PSYCH-K®. Topics include: how PER-K® can dramatically reduce stress in the work environment, by teaching you how to change subconscious beliefs systems that determine the limits of what we can achieve. They discuss a new paradigm for transforming a stressful environment into a creative place that honors the triple bottom line approach of people, profit, and planet. And how changing our subconscious beliefs can change the way we do business, in order to create a sustainable future now, and for generations to come.

Below are some examples of applications of successful transformation.

Applications & Success Stories

Companies and Organizations that have been using this proven system
have reported the following benefits:

Benefits for
Personal and Professional Growth:

Sales: A sales team attended once a month development workshops for a year. The group agreed the information was applicable and the methods were better than they what they currently were using. However, they all admitted that they fell back to old patterns and habits. They attend a PER-K® for Sales workshop and each had measurable changes within a short period of time AND they were amazed at how easy it was.

Calmer Communication: An individual felt stress and anxiety whenever communicating with a peer. Whether the communication was via email, phone or face to face. After working with the InnerActive Mindset process, the individual felt calm and confident whenever approaching or interacting with the peer. Result was greater creativity and effective performance.

Entrepreneur: In finalizing contracts, the individual quickly discounted and under priced the company services. Once limiting mindset about value of services was changed to knowing and honoring the value, the next contract was signed for twice the previous amount.

Confidence: Individual experienced limited business. Changed the inner mindset of ‘I am not good enough for people to pay me.’ to ‘I give valuable service and people pay me for it.’ He experienced getting three new clients the next week with full acceptance of his services and fees. As he shared later, “There is a new feeling of working for a purpose with confidence of the outcome.”

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