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When gears are engaged, the desired function is
smooth and effortless.

When gears malfunction and spin separately, then accomplishing the desired outcome is questionable. The small gear may spin on its own but with no leverage from the larger gear, achieving a desired outcome is highly unlikely.

How does this relate to success?
The small gear represents your goals or desired success. The larger gear represents your Mindset or subconscious, the leverage or engine behind success.

For success that is smooth and effortless, your mental model, mindset, or subconscious must be fully engaged and supporting the direction of the goal.

If both are not engaged then all the effort, willpower, determination and discipline is wasted energy like the small gear just spinning harder and faster but accomplishing little.

Most neuroscientists agree that at least
95% of our thinking1 processes occur at what is called the subconscious mind - which is below our conscious awareness. That means that at least 95% of our "choices" and the resulting behaviors are not even conscious! They are old scripts that keep repeating over and over - blocking access to any new information.

Enjoy this
Introduction video of the importance of Mindset and how you can achieve Sustainable Success.

New success requires a mental upgrade for sustained results.

"Skillful behavior may be said to be guided by master programs in individuals' heads, programs that automatically produce the behavior in everyday life. Therefore, effective change requires altering the master programs." C. Argyris, Knowledge for Action

To ensure
long lasting change, the patterns of old habits and inner thoughts must be upgraded to support the desired new behaviors.

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1 How Customers Think by Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Business School professor